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TOS Regarding ALL Paid and Free Source Images

As of today, 12/11/21, these terms and conditions are now effective, for all new, current and pre-existing files created, sold and distributed by myself, Dauxycheeks.

As well as any proprietary rights holders who create, sell and distribute any media works related to such.

By purchasing any and all media from myself, you are agreeing to the underlying terms and conditions listed below.

Distribution, Posting and Advertising

You will not redistribute any and all digital media files obtained and/or purchased from me in their original format, unless... 

UPDATE AS OF 12/11/21: Files can be edited for resell and redistribution. 

Heavily edited files can be resold in their .PSD format. What constitutes something as "heavily edited?"

- A female only base that has been edited into a male.

- A base that has had the lines and rendering entirely redrawn.

- A base that has been altered into an entirely new species.

If you have done any of the following above, you may resell the .PSD as your own "base," appropriate credit must still be given. (Credit must link back to ONLY)

Any and all digital media files obtained and/or purchased through me will be used for personal, charitable or commercial use ONLY.

You will give proper credit on every upload containing any and all of my work, via required website link.

Credit needs to be given to:

Please do not link back to my social media accounts as of 12/11/21. ie. FurAffinity, Twitter, etc. 

The only exception will be my Patreon!

You will inform your consumers to give proper credit on every upload containing any and all of my work.

You will not edit, alter or replicate any of my work for the sole purpose of claiming it as your own, original media.

You will not transfer ownership of any and all media.

You will credit me, the intellectual property holder, for any promotions or posted work on any and all websites.

Fair Use of Media:

You may offer as YCH, win-a-date, personal work and gift work.

Edit/Alter for personal or charitable purposes.

Edit/Alter for practice and/or educational purposes.

Edit/Alter for resale purposes. (see the outlined update above)

Use any effects, lighting or backgrounds for other owned/created works with proper credit.

Fair Pricing of Media

As of 7/23/2020, there are no longer pricing restrictions on media.

Please price your commissions fairly and be considerate of other buyers, or I may choose to cease business with you.

Extensions: As of 11/15/18, I will allow people to create extensions for my files, please note that your buyers for the extensions must own the original file.

You may make free extensions, or sell extensions for my files.

Free-to-Use Media: Free media has no price cap, and may be priced however the publisher sees fit.

If you have any other questions, or anything else you feel should be added, please feel free to leave a comment or note me privately.

These terms and conditions are subject to change, and will be notated with an effective date.

It is the consumers full responsibility to read and understand these terms, I will not be held liable for any misunderstanding and/or miscommunication.

Terms and Conditions are subject to change, at any time, for any reason, with or without warning.

TOS Regarding PayPal Payments

As of 7/23/2020, these terms and conditions are effective for all future transactions via Paypal.

By buying any of my .PSD source images, you agree that I will offer absolutely NO refunds after the initial e-mail has been sent containing a download.

You agree that I am not responsible for compatibility issues, as well as any loss of files due to software or hardware malfunctions.

I am no longer offering to back up your media, PLEASE UPLOAD ALL OF YOUR PURCHASES ONTO A CLOUD SERVICE!

Paypal Transactions and Notes for Off-site Purchases

You are required to mark the "No Address Required" tab when purchasing off-site. (Invoice, link, etc.)

You do not have to remove your address when purchasing on-site, there is no option for removal.

My files are considered "intangible goods," I don't need nor want your physical address.

Transactions notes are ONLY to contain an alternative e-mail address for purchase fulfillment, unless directed otherwise by an administrator.

I do not need you to list which files you have purchased in the notes, or anything extra that isn't shown above.

I can look up what you need from my accounts, if I don't see your name, I will send you an e-mail directly to clarify your purchase.

Commissions, Custom Work and Invoices

Commissions and custom source files are paid via website or invoice only.

I allow partial payments via invoice for bulk orders as well~

I will not list what the work is in detail via invoice, you must clarify the work with me via e-mail so I can keep it on record easily.

Terms and Conditions are subject to change, at any time, for any reason. Thank you!